Message from Dinesh Modi – Our CEO | Entrepreneur

It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to Innovations, A leading digital marketing agency growing by leaps and bounds daily

When I first got into this business, the world already had plenty of programmers. Indeed, there were quite a few outsourcing companies offering to produce content and a couple of designs. What was missing was quality.Everywhere you looked, it seemed, websites were begging for designers with passion and vision.

This is the foundation upon which Innovations was built. Our company has diversified significantly , but at its heart it is still passionate for providing top-notch quality website designs. We believe that a website is the face of a company, and that belief comes across in the effort and quality we put into our work, when we commit to designing for you, we do so with the understanding that your company’s future is in our hands.

I have worked hard not to deviate from my original goal of providing high quality yet affordable services to my clients, and my team here has truly internalized this vision. Five years down the line, with our presence in more than ten locations globally, I still handpick each member of the Innovations team.

Each person that works here is the best in their field, and is wholeheartedly dedicated to their work. You will soon see this through our projects. I have always believed that quality work, professionalism, honesty and integrity towards the project and the client will get you places and I have not been wrong so far.

So please, take a look around, allow the creativity of our team to carry you around our website, and if it suits you, drop us a line and tell us what we can do for you.

I welcome you once more, and I speak for all of us here at Innovations when I say that we look forward to work with you.

Dinesh Modi

Founder & CEO

Design is not making things look pretty, its about making your customers return to your website – Dinesh Modi